BBQ Grills: An Update

The Board of Governors has received feedback from our insurance carrier, USI, relative to the use of BBQ grills. USI has advised us that Southport residents need to be in compliance with the Massachusetts Fire Safety Code 527 CMR. Until the State Board of Fire Prevention Regulations modifies those regulations, we need to comply with them.

The code stipulates that BBQ grilling in multi-family dwellings is allowed only if the grill is located 10 feet from any structure, which includes any deck. The only exceptions to the code are for single family dwellings (Cape Codders), electric grills or, in the future, permanently installed grills. Note: BBQ grills with an installed gas line on your deck are not permanently installed grills as required by the code.

If you have the ability to locate your grill 10 feet from any structure and need assistance in doing so, please enter a request for help in the Southport Service Portal, and we can provide assistance.

Ron Bonvie is gathering information on pricing for permanent grills and will have that information available to residents in the next few weeks. The Board of Governors will continue to pursue all efforts with the State Board of Fire Prevention Regulations in the hope that  they will reconsider their interpretation regarding decks as part of the structure.


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