Board of Governors Next Election

2014 Board of Governors Election

Another important time is upon unit owners of Southport. The annual election of members of the Board of Governors as well as amendments or changes to the by- laws will be on the ballot this year.

The ballots are tentatively slated to be mailed out to unit owners early in September with the final results announced at the Southport On Cape Cod Condominium Association Annual Meeting in October. Unit owners can and are urged to vote online if they so desire.

Over 50% of the unit owners will have to vote on the Board of Governors members for the election to be official, while any changes or amendments to by-laws will require over 66% of the unit owners to approve.

In order to give unit owners the opportunity to understand the importance of the amendments or changes to the by-laws, one Town Meeting Format event has been scheduled. Meanwhile there will be two separate events where candidates will speak and meet unit owners of Southport.

The following are the three events planned for this year’s election:

Town Meeting Format, July 28, Monday, 6:30 PM, Village Center Ballroom

*Role of Board of Governors-explanation of responsibilities and duties.

*Proposed Amendments to By-Laws-What vote is required and what each amendment means to Southport unit owners.

*Bill Enright will present and take questions from audience.

Meet and Greet Candidates, August 13, Wednesday, 6:30 PM, Village Center Ballroom

*Audience will be divided into the same number of groups as we have candidates. For example if we have 8 candidates, the audience will be divided into 8 equal groups.

*Candidates will be assigned to start with one group. The group would then have the opportunity to ask candidate anything they’d like while candidate would be able to present their views. The candidate would spend 10 minutes with the group and then move on to next group. Each candidate would meet with each audience

Candidates Night, Sept 9, Tuesday, 6:30, Village Center Ballroom

*Each candidate will give an opening statement.

*Questions will then be asked by a moderator. Questions will have been submitted in advance and will cover general policy of Southport.The committee will screen and select all questions to be asked.


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