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Highlights: Annual Meeting October 24, 2018

In Attendance: BOG Members: Roy Reiss, Bob LaRocca, Alan Judelson, Teri Bergman and Bette Mendes.  The Dartmouth Group: Steve Marx and Kim Brauer.
Treasurer Bob LaRocca reported:
    The FY2018 budget will be balanced by November 30, using $150,000 from the Working Capital Fund (WCF) to cover deficits caused by overages in legal costs, external building repairs, pool repairs and WWTP maintenance. Had we budgeted to cover these expenses from the Operating Budget, the FY2018 condo fee would have been significantly higher.
    The board approved the FY2019 budget and distributed it to owners via email. The condo fee starting December 1 will increase by $50 to $580/month — $30 to replenish the Reserve Fund and $20 for the Operating Budget. This “bare bones” budget is not meeting all our needs to catch up on deferred maintenance. Owners who have questions about the budget are encouraged to attend the next open meeting of the Finance Committee, scheduled for November 15 at 2:00 in the Sports Lounge.
    Two maintenance priorities will need to be addressed in the near future: The exterior pool and hot tub will require additional repairs. The Ballroom, now in use for a variety of purposes other than those for which it was designed, has a variety of problems — condensation and mildew, proper flooring, acoustics. Management has a bid on treating the ceiling while we rebuild reserves and engage an architect to assess the big picture.
General Manager’s Annual Report Steve Marx’s detailed report is included as an attachment to the minutes that are filed in the Library, posted in the Information Room and online at His report includes a number of priorities for FY2019.
State of the Association Roy Reiss noted that board member Bette Mendes was stepping down after four years of service and that we owe her a debt of gratitude. A hearty round of applause for Bette! Roy’s extensive report on the accomplishments of the past year is included as an attachment to the minutes that are filed in the Library, posted in the Information Room and online at
 Salute to Volunteers Alan Judelson noted that the initial thought behind the salute was to honor volunteers who do the work to keep Southport on track — the “undercover agents.” He chose to go one layer deeper and honor the wives of the three BOG presidents in Southport’s brief history as an independent association. Anne Riley, Denise Judelson, and Sarah Reiss came forward and received bouquets from their husbands Dan, Alan and Roy while the audience applauded enthusiastically.
Election Results Stan Samuelson, chair of the Election Committee, presented his report, which appears on this page, noting that 85% of eligible owners voted — 624 ballots — best showing yet!
            “Highlights” are extracted from official minutes prepared by Teri Bergman, Clerk. Official, detailed minutes are filed in the Library and available at


Board of Governors 2017-2018


Roy Reiss, President
774-521-3885   home
774-274-0225   cell

Bob LaRocca, Treasurer
508-477-4514   home
781-572-2992   cell

Teri Berman, Clerk
774-521-3910 home
202-550-0061 cell

Alan Judelson
774-521-3809   home
203-710-5487 cell

Steve Kavanaugh, Assistant Treasurer
508-419-1864 home

The Board of Governors are scheduled for Wednesdays on the following dates, beginning at 4:00 in the Ballroom: February 20: April 24 and beginning at 6:30: June 19, August 21, October 23 (Annual Meeting).

BOG Agendas: The agenda will also be posted in the Information Room and on If available, the link in a section further down the page.

Inside the Board Room

Inside the Board Room To let homeowners know what your Board of Governors is doing outside of regular public meetings, we invite you Inside the Board Room. Here are some of the actions taken since the last report. On matters requiring votes, the results are unanimous, unless otherwise noted. 

    Ballroom Mold Remediation Commonwealth Environmental Services, the company selected for the Ballroom and Ping Pong Room remediation project, started their work on January 2 and finished ahead of time, allowing us to re-open the ballroom on January 23.  The final price was just over $52,000, including the addition of two ceiling fans with variable controls. Smaller exercise classes were a success, but everyone is happy to be back in the Ballroom.  Thanks to everyone for their patience during the closure.

    Village Center Painting and Updates As a winter project, our maintenance team identified numerous rooms within the Village Center that needed a fresh coat of paint, and where this was done, we made an effort to use  up-to-date colors. This is not an overall Village Center painting or redecoration project. If funds become available for such a project, we will seek input from residents regarding paint colors, fabrics, flooring, etc. In addition, we contracted with Budget Blinds to install blinds in the Cardio and Weight Rooms.

    FHA Approval A two year FHA renewal for Southport Condominium was obtained through December 31, 2020.  

    Working Capital Fund Steve Kavanaugh is tracking the contributions from resales for the board. As of this writing, $16,600 has been collected under our new bylaw. A slower pace is likely in the next couple of months, but we still expect to exceed the $40,000 annual income projected.

    Committee News For the Landscape Committee, the Board formally endorsed the membership of Bette Mendes, and the designation of Mike McDonnell as acting chair, and the committee is entertaining applications for additional members. The Bylaws and Regulations Committee is also reviewing applications for one vacancy.  The call for volunteers for a new Ad Hoc Committee on Martha Pond appeared in the January FOCUS, and went out by e-mail. Applications closed on January 26 and appointments are expected in February. Revisions to the Long Range Planning Committee charter were approved. 

    WWTP The DEP visited the site in January to determine the progress that we’ve made. We await their report from which we will negotiate a new time for the clean water test and project completion. The treasurer’s financial report on the WWTP is on page 2.

            Teri Bergman, Clerk, Board of Governors

 Official, unedited minutes, compiled by Clerk Teri Bergman, are posted in the Information Room and on

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Click here to download the most recent meeting minutes: Annual Minutes Meeting 2018

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By-Laws and Regulations Review Committee

ByLaws, Rules & Regs Committee seeks new member with the following qualities:

*Able to work effectively/cordially toward goals and place community *needs over personal desires, *Complement other members’ skills and contribute a representative perspective, *Open to new ideas, able to weigh pros/cons as projects proceed, *Working knowledge of: Master Deed, By-laws/Rules/Regulations, and property management process, *Computer literate, *Able to meet regularly, usually 10:00-11:30 on the third Thursday of the month. To apply or for more information, contact Lynn Fulton, 508-477-0692 or Candidates will be asked to fill out an application before being interviewed by the committee. The BOG appoints committee members.

At our meeting on January 17, the committee will continue to review the Rules. Copies can be found at If you have particular concerns, please contact any member of the committee. Lynn Fulton, Beth Burney, Denis Casaubon, Evelyn Gannon, Richard Matlak, Sandra Rogers.


Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Click here to download the meeting minutes: October SOCCA ByLaws Minutes

 By-Laws and Regulations Review Committee

Lynn Fulton, Committee Chair –

Tom Kelleher, Committee Vice Chair-

Denis Casaubon –

Sandra Rogers –

Alan Judelson, BOG Committee Liaison –

Energy Savings Committee

The Board of Governors established an ad hoc committee on alternative energy, the Energy Savings Committee, to determine if the use of solar power could reduce utility expenses in the association’s common buildings (Village Center, Clubhouse, Waste Water Treatment Plant and Maintenance Building).

  • Phase 1 Study the feasibility of using solar power to provide for the electricity needs of the buildings mentioned above. Deliverables will include the logistics and engineering requirements to provide the solar power necessary to meet our electrical needs.
  • Phase 2 Develop a comprehensive cost proposal.
  • Phase 3 Provide a cost/benefit analysis for decision making purposes

John Brazier, Chair, Energy Savings Committee –