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Highlights: Open Board Meeting February 20, 2019

Attending: BOG members Roy Reiss, Bob LaRocca, Teri Bergman, Steve Kavanaugh and Alan Judelson. Dartmouth staff Steve Marx, Rob Keller and Kim Brauer. Mashpee Town Manager Rodney Collins and Auditor Ken Bloom
Town Manager Rodney Collins In an effort to improve communications with the town the BOG invited Town Manager Rodney Collins to be a guest speaker. Mr. Collins introduced Deputy Town Manager Wayne Taylor reported: that the town is in good shape financially; maintains a triple-A bond rating; and has a balanced budget that meets critical needs, including restoring positions to the police and fire departments. He covered the news about several key issues:

  • The issue of town wastewater treatment begins with a management question: whether the town, the current water district, or a new sewer district will manage.
  • Marijuana medical facility is open and the Board of Selectmen reached an agreement with the same company to open a recreational facility; police and fire are prepared for implementation.
  • There is opposition to a cell tower in the southern part of town, an issue now before the planning board. The town has decisions to make on the implementation of the new tax on seasonal rentals.

He also let the audience know of the town’s need for recording secretaries for boards and commissions and urged anyone interested to visit the town’s HR website for details. Lastly, he mentioned the lifetime beach pass for veterans, which Roy reminded him, originated with a Southport resident (Larry Cron).
Auditor Ken Bloom: Our CPA Ken Bloom presented the 2018 audit report, covering the fiscal year ending 11/30/18. Its purpose is to confirm the accuracy of the numbers and to assess the integrity of internal controls by the Board, Management Company, and accounting staff).

  • Internal controls are tested every year; we had the positive finding of “no exceptions.”
  • Financially, we had a small surplus ($16K), which is a third of one percent of our operating budget. This meets the goal of collecting enough to operate, but not to over collect.
  • Assessments received continue to be the best he has experienced with condos —approximately $13K, less than one third of one percent in delinquency.
  • Reserve funding for FY 2018 was 13% ($608K of $4.7M collected), which exceeds the federal standard.
  • In regard to our financial health, Ken noted a drop in reserves due to the WWTP project, but a solid approach is in place to rebuild the reserves (through increased condo fees vs. an assessment), and a dedicated board is on top of the financial situation. Other condos often fall short on maintaining reserves; this is not a problem at Southport.

Financial Reports: Treasurer Bob LaRocca noted that to achieve the small surplus in the audit report, we took $100K out of the Working Capital Fund. FY 2018 was a tough year, but we had the WCF to get us through it.

  • Bob provided a snapshot of the FY 2019 budget as of 3/31/19. The bottom line is a $114K YTD surplus. There is a shortfall in condo fees vs. projected due to the lag in new construction (-$17K), but this is offset by our being under budget in overall expenses (by $131K), largely due to the lack of snow this winter. Things will happen that require these funds be expended.
  • Bob then reported on Capital Reserves, where we have just under $1.3 million in the account, but this amount included a retainage ($92K) for work on the WWTP. He reminded us that contributions to the Capital Reserve Fund increased to 17% of condo fees this year, as part of our plan to replenish the reserves.
  • Lastly, we have $300K in the Working Capital Fund.

Assistant Treasurer Steve Kavanaugh reported on the Working Capital Fund, where our October By-Law change has netted $23,600 from the payment equivalent to two monthly condo fees; additional closings are scheduled in coming weeks. We continue to get these payments from original sales as well as receiving payments per sale from conveyances according to the settlement agreement with the developer. We have received $33,000 for three such conveyances since the agreement was signed, and an additional $15,000 for tennis court resurfacing, for a total of $48,000 from the developer. We have used this fund for mold remediation in the ballroom, pool repairs, and the purchase of equipment.
WWTP Update: Bob LaRocca reported on a surprise visit from the MADEP in January, and their dissatisfaction with progress at that time. We expected a letter and a request that we attend a hearing, but to date no letter has been received. Since their visit we have made a great deal of progress and can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Bob is estimating the total project cost at $4,250,000 (see page 2). The clear water test is still 4-6 weeks out, and dependent upon the arrival of the HVAC unit. He sees a real chance that we can have a celebratory Independence Day. Roy indicated that we all owe Bob a debt of gratitude for his work on the WWTP. It has taken many hours of his time and he has built an expertise beyond anyone’s expectations.

General Manager: Steve Marx report on a number of key areas. (See his full report online and in the BOG notebook in the Library.)

  • The new indoor pool heater was installed, replacing one that was 15 years old.
  • The interior painting project is complete and new French doors were installed between the Billiards Room and Sports Lounge.
  • The parking lot will be re-striped (in-house). The Outdoor Pool will open Friday May 24.
  • Old and overgrown plant material at the entrance has been removed and new plant material and seasonal flowers added. The wooden retaining wall was removed and replaced with fieldstone slate.
  • The entrance sign has been removed and is being renovated.

In addition to the Village Center, eight streets were scheduled for envelope inspections this fiscal year. However, dependent on additional repairs and our overall budget, the list may change; streets are not being announced until work is ready to go.

  • One-year contract extensions with SOS and Cape Cod Alarm have been negotiated and approved. This will allow full RFPs to be done in 2020, following Committee recommendations. RFPs will be prepared and submitted to prospective vendors for Trash Removal and Waste Water Treatment Plant Service and Maintenance.

Steve then discussed the fact that he was leaving as of April 30 to pursue a personal goal of his to run a Dartmouth Group Signature Service property in Boston. (His farewell message is on page 13.) He received a standing ovation. Roy thanked him for accomplishing so much and for being a pleasure to work with. He especially enjoyed being able to look him in the eye!

Roy then introduced Rob Keller, our GM as of May 1. Rob introduced himself to the audience and said that he enjoys being part of the Dartmouth Group, where staff works hard and likes what they do. He has transitioned properties before, and understands that these are our homes, where we live our lives, and he will treat them as such.

 “Highlights” are extracted from official minutes prepared by Teri Bergman, Clerk. Official, detailed minutes are filed in the Library and available at


Board of Governors 2018-2019


Roy Reiss, President
774-521-3885   home
774-274-0225   cell

Bob LaRocca, Treasurer
508-477-4514   home
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Teri Berman, Clerk
774-521-3910 home
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Alan Judelson
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Steve Kavanaugh, Assistant Treasurer
508-419-1864 home

The Board of Governors are scheduled for Wednesdays on the following dates, beginning at 4:00 in the Ballroom: February 20: April 24 and beginning at 6:30: June 18, August 21, October 23 (Annual Meeting).

BOG Agendas: The agenda will also be posted in the Information Room and on If available, the link in a section further down the page.

Inside the Board Room

Inside the Board RoomTo let homeowners know what your Board of Governors is doing outside of regular public meetings, we invite you Inside the Board Room. Here are some of the actions taken since the last report. On matters requiring votes, the results are unanimous, unless otherwise noted.

  • Tennis Courts The Tennis Committee worked with the board to get bids for the resurfacing of the Tennis Courts. In May, the BOG agreed to select the firm recommended by the committee – Cape and Island Tennis and Track. The tentative timetable for the work is in late July, but stand by for more news.
  • Committees The board approved Susan Imbergamo as the new chair of the Landscape Committee. The annual survey, which we hope to get out in June, will contain questions submitted by a number of Southport committees. Last year we had 450 survey responses, and we hope for a good response rate once again. 

Updates on previously announced items: 

  • Landscape Plan for Front Entrance The plan was implemented by Tom Tuttle and his crew, and the renovated sign is back in place. We hope all agree that the renewal of our front entrance is a success.
  • Sports Lounge The cost of wiring new TVs for the Sports Lounge was a great deal higher than the purchase price of the TVs, so the original plan is on hold. The faulty cable box has been replaced and we are exploring other enhancements.
  • Village Center & Club House Vending Machines While the board approved a proposal to change vending machine companies, the selected vendor has opted out of the arrangement. We are working to get the current machines repaired and will continue to investigate alternatives.
  • Storm Drain Repair This project proceeded more slowly than anticipated, but the 20 locations have been marked and work should begin in late May.

Teri Bergman, Clerk, Board of Governors

Official, unedited minutes, compiled by Clerk Teri Bergman, are posted in the Information Room and on

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Click here to download the most recent meeting minutes: Board of Governors Minutes 4.24.19

Click here to download the most recent meeting minutes: Board of Governors Minutes 2.20.19

Click here to download the most recent meeting minutes: Annual Minutes Meeting 2018

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By-Laws and Regulations Review Committee


The Bylaws Committee is reviewing and revising our Rules & Regulations. We are in the early stages and hope that information from the BOG survey will yield useful community input about residents’ views. Our next meeting is June 20, 10:00, in the Sewing Room. Beth Burney, Chair

ByLaws, Rules & Regs Committee seeks new member with the following qualities:

*Able to work effectively/cordially toward goals and place community *needs over personal desires, *Complement other members’ skills and contribute a representative perspective, *Open to new ideas, able to weigh pros/cons as projects proceed, *Working knowledge of: Master Deed, By-laws/Rules/Regulations, and property management process, *Computer literate, *Able to meet regularly, usually 10:00-11:30 on the third Thursday of the month. To apply or for more information, contact Lynn Fulton, 508-477-0692 or Candidates will be asked to fill out an application before being interviewed by the committee. The BOG appoints committee members.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Click here to download the meeting minutes: October SOCCA ByLaws Minutes

 By-Laws and Regulations Review Committee

Lynn Fulton, Committee Chair –

Tom Kelleher, Committee Vice Chair-

Denis Casaubon –

Sandra Rogers –

Alan Judelson, BOG Committee Liaison –

Energy Savings Committee

The Board of Governors established an ad hoc committee on alternative energy, the Energy Savings Committee, to determine if the use of solar power could reduce utility expenses in the association’s common buildings (Village Center, Clubhouse, Waste Water Treatment Plant and Maintenance Building).

  • Phase 1 Study the feasibility of using solar power to provide for the electricity needs of the buildings mentioned above. Deliverables will include the logistics and engineering requirements to provide the solar power necessary to meet our electrical needs.
  • Phase 2 Develop a comprehensive cost proposal.
  • Phase 3 Provide a cost/benefit analysis for decision making purposes

John Brazier, Chair, Energy Savings Committee –