The following committees have posted information:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Scholarship
  • Bocce (men’s, women’s, couples, social)
  • Welcome Reception Committee
  • Veteran’s Committee
  • Southport Social Committee

Please click on the link to download the monthly Golf Schedule: Golf Calendar – JUNE 2019

The Wednesday Morning Men’s 9 Hole Golf League is a great avenue for introducing you to golf at Southport.  If you haven’t played recently and would like to begin again or continue your golf game in a non-competitive, non-handicap group, please join us for a relaxed morning of golf. Wednesday at 8:00, call the Clubhouse (508)477-7911 or come in to sign up.


18 Hole Women’s Upcoming Events

Women’s 18 Hole Golf League Opening Day for our league is Thursday, May 2, and registration days were April 24 – 26. If you plan to play later in the season, we will accept registrations throughout the season. Please Note: The annual registration fee for the league has been increased from $15 to $20 to accommodate the increased cost of providing the services we have enjoyed for social aspects, prizes and competitions. We also anticipate additional competitive events for our league.

Judy Sanford has graciously volunteered to be chairperson for our tournaments; she will be invaluable in organizing our competitions. Our League Committee includes: Kathy Hubbard, Nancy Gaudin, Cathy McCarthy, Sue Rodenberger. We look forward to a great season and hope you will join us Thursday, May 2 at 8:00 for coffee and pastries and to kick off our season at an 8:30 Tee Off. Happy Golfing! Charlene McCabe, League Committee Chair


A Look at Golf’s Health Benefits:

  • Walking 18 holes of golf is equal to taking a 5-mile walk or running 3.5 to 4 miles.
  • Playing 18 holes of golf burns roughly 2,000 calories when walking and 1,300 calories in a cart.
  • When walking 18 holes of golf, blood glucose levels fall anywhere from 10% to 30% depending on age.
  • Older people who golf have better static and dynamic balance control and confidence.
  • Golfers exceed 10,000 steps during a round of golf which meets the recommended guidelines for daily exercise.

Source: The Walker Research Group, commissioned by the World Golf Foundation and Golf 20/20

Southport Leagues

Ladies 9 Hole Golf Monday, 8:30 am
Cost: $15.00/person/season + cart fee/round
Handicap: Required on Monday
Contact: Karen Sullivan 508 681-8667 or
Skill Level: Some experience above Mentor League
Golfers play 9 holes of golf.

Ladies 9 Hole Golf Tuesday, 8:30am
Cost: cart fee only
Handicap: Handicap not required
Contact: Joyce Roth 508 681-8759 or
Skill Level: Some experience above Mentor League
Golfers play 9 holes of golf.

Ladies Mentor 9 Hole Golf: Tuesday, 11:00
Cost: Cart fee/round
Contact: Joyce Roth 508 681-8759  or
Handicap: Not required
Skill Level: Beginner
Description: Golfers paired and assisted by an experienced golfer to learn basic skills and etiquette.  Play 9 holes.

Ladies 18 Hole Golf: Thursday, 8:30 am
Cost: $15.00 /person/season plus cart fee/round
Handicap: Required
Contact: Charlene McCabe 774 228-2274 or
Skill Level: Experienced
Description: Play 18 holes, end of season awards party.

Men’s 9 Hole Golf: Wednesday, 8:30 am
Handicap: Not required
Cost: Cart fee/round
Contacts: Bob Fulton 508 477-0692, or
or Bill Eckstein: 508 681-0810 or
Skill Level: All levels
Description: Golfers will play 9 holes of golf.

Men’s 18 Hole Golf: Friday, 8:30 am
Handicap: Required
Cost: $5.00/person/round, plus cart fee/round
Contact: Lou DiFinizio
508 419-6263
Skill Level: Experienced
Description: Play 18 holes, end of season awards party.

Social Golf Leagues 

Men’s Twilight 9 Hole Golf: Monday, 12:30 or 3:30
Handicap: Required
Cost: $45.00/person/season plus cart fee/round
Contact: 12:30 session – Tom Glennon 774-228-2802 or
Walter LeFavor 508-428-3469
Contact: 3:30 session – Steve Roth 508-681-8759 or
John Hoagland 508-789-4822
Skill Level: All levels
Description: Two people will be paired.  End of season party.

Tuesday Afternoon Mixer 9 Hole Golf: Tuesday, 3:30
Handicap: Not required
Cost: $45.00/team/season plus $20.00 for cart & nibbles
Contact: Dave Drinkwater 508 477-5725  or
Skill Level: All levels
Description: Two men + two women, paired.  Nibbles provided

Mixed Twilight 9 Hole Golf: Wednesday, 4:00
Handicap: Not required
Cost: $35.00/person/season plus cart fee/round
Contact:  Ed Hubbard 774 228-2636 or
Dave Ethier 774 361-8935 or
Manny Nunes 508 539-3304 or
Skill Level: All levels
Description: Optional potluck snacks post game on deck.

9 Hole Social Golf: Sunday, 8:30 am
Handicap: Not required
Cost: Cart fee/round
Contact: Roy Reiss 774 521-3885 or
Skill Level: All levels
Description: Two people will be paired.

Golf Committee: President, Bob Fulton, Secretary, Joyce Roth, Treasurer, Vonnie Boyle.

tOM tUTTLEMeet Tom Tuttle
Superintendent, Golf Course & Grounds

Southport’s superintendent for golf course and grounds, Tom Tuttle (left), joined the staff in October 2015. Following his graduation from the Institute of Applied Agriculture at the University of Maryland in 1990, Tom launched his career as an assistant superintendent at Caves Valley Golf Club in Maryland and then at Ridgewood Country Club in New Jersey. Both facilities have held significant professional golf events for the PGA and LPGA. His first position as golf course superintendent was with the River Downs Golfers Club in Maryland, where he oversaw and managed the complete construction of the golf course and maintenance facility.

From River Downs, Tom moved on to become golf course superintendent at Trenton Country Club in New Jersey. He spent 15 seasons there, managing all golf course and grounds maintenance operations and overseeing various course construction and renovation projects. Tom left Trenton CC in 2011 and was a sales representative in the golf market selling plant nutrients, sand products and custom soil mixes and consulting with clients on nutrient programs and soil core testing. And that has led him to his new position with Southport on Cape Cod.

Tom and his wife of 21 years, Colleen, are the parents of three children: James, currently a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island; Thyra, a junior in high school; and Elizabeth, an 8th grader. “We all are excited about beginning this chapter of our lives here in Cape Cod,” he says. “I look forward to getting to know the Southport community in the coming years and I want to thank Southport for providing me the opportunity to work for such a well regarded community. ”

I look forward to the challenge of maintaining and sustaining the standards that have been established. I know all of the skills and abilities accumulated during my career will help me in achieving our goals together.”

Tom Tuttle, Superintendent, Golf Course & Grounds
Phone: 215-431-0393

Golf Committee

Golfer’s Creed Golf is a science, the study of a lifetime, in which you may exhaust yourself, but never your subject. It is a contest, a duel, or a melee, calling for courage, skill, strategy and self-control. It is a test of temper, a trial of honour, a revealer of character. It affords a chance to play the man and act the gentleman. It means going into God’s out-of-doors, getting close to nature, fresh air, exercise, a sweeping away of mental cobwebs, genuine recreation of tired tissues. It is a cure for care, an antidote to worry. It includes companionship for friends, social intercourse, opportunities for courtesy, kindliness and generosity to an opponent. It promotes not only physical health but moral force. – David Forgan (Circa 1900)

Whether you’re an avid scratch golfer or someone just considering learning the game, golf at Southport offers something for everyone. The Golf and Tennis Clubhouse is open seven days a week during the regular season. Tee times are recommended, but not always required. However, we suggest you call ahead to be sure there is not a league playing when you wish to play.

Club House Hours and Rates for 2016

The Golf Clubhouse operation hours are 8:00 – 5:00
Please click on the clink below for Golf rates for the 2016 golf season.
Golf Rates for 2016

Reminder: There is no recreational walking on the golf course while there is golfing taking place.

Click the link to download dress code Dress Code -Southport Golf

Click the link to download Rain Check Policy

Click the link to download Golf Charter rev. Jan 2016

Golf News

Almost time to tee-off!

Almost time to tee-off!



Contact Information

To schedule a round of golf: Call Clubhouse at 508-477-7911, during golf season.

League Information: Ladies “9-holers”, men’s leagues and mixed leagues during the Season. Call the Golf Clubhouse for details: 508-477-7911.

Golf Clubhouse questions, information regarding groups, leagues and/or events: please call Judy Plante at 508-477-7911, during golf season.

Tennis Committee

Wimbledon Southport 2016

Tennis News We’ve had a very busy season with new residents joining the tennis community and our pro Mark Garner returning. The third annual Wimbledon at Southport tennis tournament was a huge success. No matter what level of tennis you play, you can always find a partner. Check the schedule posted on our bulletin board. If you want to be on our email list or need more information about tennis at Southport, please contact Stan Samuelson at

Picture: Wimbledon at Southport Winners Nancy Names/Pat Glennon (left); runners-up Tracy Tebbut/Bobby King. Photo: Tom Fredian

Tennis Committee Members
Sy Sackler, President

Steve Roth, Vice President

Elinor Saltz, Secretary

Ed Bergh, Member

Beth Burney, Member

 Southport Scholarship Committee

Plutarch Once Said, “Membership in a scholarship committee is one of life’s noblest efforts.”  (Well, he could’ve said it.) Coincidentally, your Southport Scholarship Committee is looking for new members. The committee is responsible for staging Pastabilities, the Scholarship Dinner each May and is now considering other activities that will generate additional scholarship funds for Mashpee High School seniors. Seven MHS seniors received $1000 each this past May. Any Southport resident who wishes to be considered for membership is asked to send an e-mail to stating his/her reason for wanting to be on the committee and any pertinent background information. If you prefer, please call Bob Mendes at 508-539-1942.

Scholarship Tributes offer an opportunity to commemorate or memorialize special events and people. To make a tribute, please leave your check (payable to the Southport Scholarship Fund), along with the name of the event or person you are honoring and the name/address of anyone who needs to be notified, at the Village Center Activities Desk. All proceeds go toward scholarships for MHS seniors.

Southport Scholarship Executive Committee:
Allyn Brockman, consultant/liaison to MHS
Bill Burney, treasurer
Billie Kapp, secretary
Kathy Grob
Bob Mendes, chair
Mike Smith

Southport Social Committee

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 3pm in the Arts & Crafts Room.


Men’s Bocce, the 2019 season will start in May. You can sign up with Sharon Murphy by email at or by phone at 50-477-9213 x102. You will need to tell her if you choose to play on Tuesday or on Thursday and if you want to be a captain. Teams and captains will be put together in late April or early May. If you just want to sub please let Sharon know. Steve Roth, Jack Richards, Spencer George 

Men’s Bocce: Steve Roth, Jack Richards, Spencer George

Women’s Bocce: Nancy Gaudin, 508-539-8854,

Couples’ Bocce: Bette Mendes, 508-539-1942,

Social Bocce: Bob O’Connell, 774-361-6845,

Maureen Rounds (second from right), a member of the Welcome Committee, with newcomers (l. to r.) Cheryl Piesco, Evelyn Ganson and Marie Moore. Photo: David Kapp

Welcome Reception Committee Members:
Lynn & Bob Fulton
Sue & Gary Potter
Maureen Rounds
Karen & Mike Smith
Bobbie & Art Wagman

Veterans’ Committee

Southport Veterans Committee has invited the Barnstable County Veterans Service Representative to address a meeting of all Southport veterans in September (date and time TBA). To prepare for this meeting, it would helpful to know what subjects or questions our veterans would like to be discussed. Topics might include loans, aid and attendance for housebound, disability, nursing home care, burial and burial flags or medical benefits, dental, etc. Please email your suggested questions or topics to Bob LeBel at

Each year, on Veterans Day, the service flags flown in front of the Village Center are retired and awarded by the Southport Veterans Committee to a Southport veteran who served in the branch of the service represented by the flag. New flags are mounted and flown during the following year. Residents are invited to honor a deceased family member or friend who served in the United States military by funding the purchase of a new service flag. The cost of a flag is $75; both the donor and the honored veteran will be recognized at our Veteran’s Day ceremony on November 11, 2016. Contact Neil Harris at 781-254-4873, or for more information.