Neighborhood Reps

Neighborhood Representatives

Neighborhood Reps: What Do They Do?

Recently, someone wrote this question in the Neighborhood Reps notebook in the Information Room : “What do the neighborhood reps do?”

With Southport’s population as large as it is — and still growing — neighborhood reps are intended to be an important link in the communication system between the Board of Governors and homeowners. For example, when a new owner moves into a neighborhood, the rep or reps should welcome them and do their best to help them find answers to questions they may have about the community.

A neighborhood rep should also be aware of any general neighborhood problems, such as street lighting, street flooding, landscape issues, and similar matters. Individual homeowner maintenance issues should, of course, be reported through the service portal, which is, incidentally, one of the most important services that new homeowners need to know about.

The reps serve as a two-way communications conduit between the Board of Governors and the neighborhoods they represent, reporting matters of interest and/or concern to the board and making their neighbors aware of issues that may have an impact on them. Every rep should have an up-to-date neighborhood email list to facilitate communication within the neighborhood. And to the extent possible, they should make sure that those few neighbors who do not use email are included in the communications process.

The Board of Governors has begun to set up periodic meetings for neighborhood reps to hear from Southport personnel. In the first of these meetings, the reps met with Treasurer Bob LaRocca to discuss Southport financial matters. We hope to have smaller meetings later this year with the reps and the new property management team that takes over in the spring.

The role of a neighborhood rep can be summed up in one word: communicate! A list of Neighborhood Reps can be found in the Info Room or by clicking on the link further down this page.

Roy Reiss, Clerk, Board of Governors

The Neighborhood Representatives (Rep) have been assigned. Please remember that your Rep is a volunteer and has many residents to communicate with on regular basis. The most effective way for them to communicate with you is by email.   Please click on the link below to open the list. Take a moment and find your street, and in some cases the number of your home. You may click on the email address in the list to send your Rep an email. Please include the following in the email: your name, address, telephone number and the email address to which you would like all communications sent to going forward. If you don’t have email or the ability to use email, please call your Rep directly and let them know the best way to reach you.   

Neighborhood Reps – November 2018

It is expected that Neighborhood Representatives have the capability to send and receive emails with their neighbors. Roy Reiss maintains this list and can be reached by email at: with any questions.